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写了十几年的作文,读了很多英文原版刊物,可是每到考场上写出的英文仍是“It's very important that…”、“There is a saying that…”,真是为自己感到丢人又着急。不过不要丧,你仅仅把握的句式还不行高档、不行幽默、不行native。快跟学霸君来学习几个新句式吧~

From 英文悦读



在上一期咱们提到了一个用于举例的短语be it (they) / whether it (they) be,今日持续弥补一个常见举例表达:

Conflict has come to the doors of millions living in densely populated areas around the globein the form of gang violence, terror attacks, and military strikes. Civilians are killed, historic centres are lost, and infrastructure is destroyed.

上面榜首句话的意思是“抵触现已影响到全球数以百万计生活在人口稠密区域的居民,这些抵触表现方式为暴力事件、恐怖袭击以及军事冲击”,其间in the form of意义是“以……方式存在”,短语的常见调配方式是 A in the form of B,其间A一般为抽象名词,B为详细事物,能够运用该短语来对抽象概念进行举例阐明。


They received a benefitin the form of a tax reduction.

其间benefit是抽象名词,a tax reduction则是详细的事物。


Help arrivedin the form oftwo police officers.

其间help是抽象概念,two police officers则是两个详细的名词。


Detailed reporting on crime helps citizens to safeguard themselves against potential threats by making them well-informed about events that happen around them. If residents can learn from the media that there are dangerous criminals at large in their neighborhood, then they will take necessary precautions to protect themselves, mainly in the form of installing surveillance cameras and iron gates.



Faced with a crisis, the government rushed through long-overdue laws to allow a streamlined form of bankruptcy protection similar to America's Chapter 11. That will allow Parmalat's new managers some breathing space while they try to salvage something from the wreckage. Helpfully, it also brings Italy more into line with other parts of Europe. Yet that merelythrows into relief broader Italian and European problems raised by the scandal.

上面选段中最终一句Yet that merely throws into relief broader Italian and European problems raised by the scandal. 也能够写成Yet that merely throws broader Italian and European problems raised by the scandal into relief. 但为了防止虎头蛇尾的问题,作者采用了榜首种写法。

其间 throw / bring something into relief 是一个固定调配,意义是“(使某事物)愈加有目共睹,(使某问题)愈加杰出”。


Traffic problems have beenthrown into sharp relief by the crisis.


(1) Global warming effects have beenthrown into sharp relief by melting ice caps in the Arctic.

(2) The increase in lung diseases among urban dwellersthrows into reliefair pollution caused by too many private cars.



Just as it would be a mistake to underestimate the new Brazil, so it would be to gloss over its weaknesses.

这句话后半句省掉了a mistake,弥补完好后应该是:

Just as it would be a mistake to underestimate the new Brazil, so it would be a mistake to gloss over its weaknesses.

这个语句假设了两种极点的状况:underestimate the new Brazil(轻视新巴西),gloss over its weaknesses(粉饰新巴西的缺点),并阐明这两种极点状况都是过错的,由此来引出中心态度。

由此咱们能够提取出一个句型Just as it would be…so it would be… 用于阐明中心状况,例如:

Just as it would beunwise to promote economic growth at the expense of the environment, so it would be equally imprudent to preserve the environment to the exclusion of economic growth. The best approach, therefore, is to have an environmentally sustainable economy.



More recently, several developing countries have shown that low income and comprehensive health care are not mutually exclusive.

其间A and B are not mutually exclusive是一个固定调配,意义是“A和B之间并不互斥”:


Economic development and environmental protection are not mutually exclusive, as is shown by the case of the United States, where the service sector forms the backbone of the economy and growth is achieved in an environmentally friendly way.


怎么表达“某事物具有两层优点”?你可能会想到:Something has two advantages. 这儿供给一个新的表达:

Gruma is the world’s biggest maker of tortillas, with more than 100 plants in 20 countries. Free trade has beena double blessing for such companies.

blessing在这儿的意思是“优点,优点”(something that is good or helpful),something is a double blessing for somebody 即“某事对或人而言具有两层优点”。


Having part-time jobs can bea double blessing for college students. First, part-time employment can help students to better understand their preferences or to test out a possible career direction, making it easier for them to find a satisfying career upon graduation. Second, students taking part-time jobs will have an advantage when it comes to job-hunting, as companies seeking to recruit recent graduates often give preference to those with real-world experience.

与blessing相关的另一个短语是mixed blessing,它的意义是“(某事)既有优点又有害处”:


Life in the city is a mixed blessing. On the one hand, you can obtain better job opportunities and higher wages. On the other hand, you may suffer from traffic and housing problems associated with overpopulation.

本文系授权发布,By 魏剑峰,From 英文悦读,微信号:read_the_economist,未经许可不得转载,北美学霸君诚心引荐。




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